Dharma Talks

mind-of-inquiry A mainstay of our programming, these formal talks by the teachers of the Mountains and Rivers Order are recorded live in our meditation hall and then offered to our listeners around the world. Described as “dark to the mind, but radiant to the heart,” these talks require that we set aside our analytic, judging mind and let the teachings penetrate our hearts directly.

Sounds from Zen Mountain

Sounds from Zen Mountain Original programming to encourage and support your spiritual practice. This hour includes rarely heard recordings from the Zen Mountain Monastery archives, special questions-and-answer sessions with the teachers, sangha reflections, dharma-related readings, and more. Please contact us with your suggestions.

Crossing Paths

Interviews Each year Zen Mountain Monastery hosts a multitude of inspiring teachers, writers, artists, performers and scholars as part of our rich and varied retreat calendar. When time permits, we invite these guest instructors into our studio to speak about the retreat, their work and their journey.

Opening the Gate

mind-of-inquiry Audio sessions of the many retreats offered at the Monastery or Fire Lotus Temple in Brooklyn. Led by MRO teachers or visiting instructors, these retreats offer you a way to take our dynamic training into your home. Each retreat is broadcast in a series of hour-long blocks throughout the week.

Voices of Change

mind-of-inquiry In order to change the world, we must be informed about what is happening in it. Voices of Change offers inspiring and informative documentaries, including A World of Possibilities, an award-winning public affairs program on our global community, and selected talks from the TED conference.